ADCONIA meets Signavio – Digital Process Optimization at the highest level

Our customers‘ requirements are as diverse as they are complex. Therefore, we like to use the expertise of our cooperation partners to your advantage.

We support our customers in solving challenges around value and supply chain. Our partners answer questions that go beyond this area or offer technical solutions in individual fields of action for the implementation of optimization measures.

Signavio is new partner in our carefully selected cooperation network

We are therefore pleased to welcome our cooperation partner to this carefully selected circle of partners.

The Signavio Business Transformation Suite is a powerful all-in-one platform that helps our customers to quickly realign their business and turn change into action. I would like to describe a tangible use case and an equally good example of the shared mindset of our partnership below.

Robotic Process Automation use case

Some time ago, we reported on our positive experiences with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In the meantime, the technology has become one of the important cornerstones of a functioning digitization strategy for some of our customers.

The motivations for RPA are many and varied: automation should reduce time and costs, relieve employees and optimize products and services.

In the course of past implementation projects, a number of „lessons learned“ have emerged for us.

Lessons Learned: The methodical approach

The common experience is that an adequate methodological approach is a prerequisite for a successful RPA implementation. This should include various basic components. These include identifying the automation potential, evaluating and simulating the impact on the company, and optimizing the processes even before they are automated. The first prerequisite for an RPA implementation is therefore the thorough documentation of existing company processes in order to find out where automation makes sense and where it does not.

Positioning and assessment with Adconia’s Digital Value Navigator.

This area is classically the one that we as Adconia cover in analysis and implementation projects with our product „Digital Value Navigator“ (DVN). With our DVN we provide orientation in the dynamic market of software and services for the electronic procurement process. The procedure for determining the position in process automation supports our customers in finding the right solution for individual tasks.

We are aware of how difficult it can be for purchasing and supply chain departments to select the most valuable solutions from the now broad and diverse range of digital tools – not to mention a wide variety of pricing models – and to determine their own development path.

The first step is always to take stock, both internally and externally. This is followed by a systematic and structured evaluation of the company-specific added value of process digitization based on relevant business processes. Independent of solution providers, the aspects inventory, optimization approaches and necessary investment decision are combined.

Monitoring of sustainable performance by Signavio

The improved processes should also be established by dovetailing human with robotic activities. Further steps include monitoring end-to-end performance, early troubleshooting, continuous management of the process architecture and driving permanent improvement.

These requirements are then taken up by Signavio following our projects and solutions are fed to them. The deployment of the RPA solutions is constantly monitored. The Signavio Business Transformation Suite makes it possible to check whether the robots are working according to the rules assigned to them and how this affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire organization.

After all, a robot cannot analyze data about its own performance. It will not warn if a process is not working as planned. Neither can it make suggestions for improvement. This requires a professional process monitoring and analysis tool.

Securing the ROI

Only by monitoring results over the long term can the return on investment (ROI) of our customer activities be demonstrated. It is therefore crucial that the results of the RPA initiative are regularly measured and compared with expectations. This is how we work with our partner to ensure that the desired ROI is achieved.

We will be happy to work with you to find out which are the sub-processes with high automation potential that are relevant to your organization – and, above all, which have high value. We develop an appropriate implementation strategy, find the right solution partners for you and ensure your ROI. Contact us!

Adconia provides orientation for the electronic procurement process

As Adconia GmbH, we advise our customers with the experience gained from more than 200 projects over more than 15 years – on issues related to purchasing, supply chain and the digitalization of processes. Our goal is always to increase the profit contribution of purchasing through cost reduction, process automation or the qualification of the purchasing team.

With a correspondingly broad wealth of experience, precise knowledge of everyday purchasing and a high level of professionalism, our consultants carry out training measures at eye level. We do this – depending on the requirements – both as a sparring partner for specialists and managers with many years of experience and as a trainer for seasoned purchasing professionals and young professionals.


Tim Rohweder

Partner, ADCONIA GmbH