Our competencies at a glance

Every company is confronted with the challenges of cyclical economic fluctuations or economic crises and the associated changes in its financial situation. The economic changes confront managers of the various divisions with new tasks. Cost pressure, investment strategies, organizational adjustments and urgently needed progress in the digitalization of processes, are just a few examples.

With our expertise along the entire value chain of companies, with consideration of the optimization potential in processes, organizational and cost structures and we create a sustainable added value for your company and influence the value contribution positively.

Industry expertise

Our partners bring together over 60 years of professional experience in procurement and supply chain. Therefore we know almost all industries, company sizes and process clusters. From this we extract the added value of our consulting: We know the specifics of procurement markets, the advantages and disadvantages of different procurement processes and the mechanisms of supply and demand power.

By networking this knowledge among our consultants and among each other, we find creative solutions for your challenges. In procurement, we regularly carry out tenders and awards for our clients for a wide range of material groups. Our added value is also the networking of ideas and strategic approaches. In this way, we show a medium-sized company how a group of companies moves into a procurement market, bring methodological competence from one procurement market into a completely different material group or break through learned, always applied processes between procurement and supplier and raise procurement to a new level. Our focus is on the analysis of all possible levers for optimization.

The basis of any entrepreneurial performance is a process. We approach our projects with this philosophy and not only look at procurement and supply chain processes, but also at the entire value creation of a company, the value chain. Through possible optimization in upstream and downstream processes, we can thus generate significant efficiency and cost advantages. In procurement processes, we are familiar with the private, public and international awarding processes. We have carried out hundreds of classic and digital awarding processes and negotiations and thus network best practice in each of our projects. We know the industries, the processes and the levers for your optimization.

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