Blended Coaching

Meeting the shortage of skilled workers with Blended Coaching

In Germany there is a shortage of skilled workers in more than 400 occupations. This is not only the case for engineering and geriatric care occupations, as the news frequently emphasize. From our consulting activities, we know that many CPOs are equally faced with the question of how to create a sustainable team in order to meet the changing requirements of Procurement and Supply Chain department and secure the sustainable value contribution of Procurement in the company. Blended Coaching is our solution.

In general, there are various approaches to countering the shortage of skilled workers. In addition to simplifying entry and re-entry into a profession, making work models more flexible (and thus more attractive), targeted personnel marketing and target-group-oriented searches on the labor market, the further development of a company’s own personnel plays a central role.

Personnel development and classification of Blended Coaching

Classical personnel development measures include the training of employees within the framework of apprenticeships or trainee programs, seminars and workshops to acquire additional qualifications or Personal Coaching. Latter describes a personal training in the context of psychological guidance by a third party to learn behavior and avoid conflicts. In a self-regulating manner, the coach and the respondent jointly identify deficits in regular sessions, uncover potentials and define measures for the further development of social and leadership skills.

Blended Coaching integrates the use of online tools such as smartphones, the internet and e-learning techniques into the conventional coaching process. Web-based coaching software is used to provide additional support for Personal Coaching, independent of time and location, for example by recording session content, tracking tasks or a diary function for the time between individual coaching sessions. Standardized questionnaires make it possible to identify individual needs, provide feedback on sessions or prepare the next live meeting. At the same time, the continuous support by Blended Coaching allows a maximized integration of the coaching approach into the client’s everyday work beyond the sessions. The relationship between coach and client also generally intensifies due to a more holistic perception and the increase in the degree of commitment of individual steps. A further advantage of Blended Coaching is the lower external costs compared to the traditional coaching approach without software support.

Relevant for Procurement and Supply Chain

Personal and Blended Coaching are carried out as part of tailor-made individual measures for specialists and managers, whereby Blended Coaching represents the system-supported continuation of conventional Personal Coaching. As part of our Procurement and Supply Chain Academy, we at ADCONIA GmbH are happy to accompany you as a mentor, sparring partner or coach. We have the means and experience to interactively support the joint exchange through Blended Coaching. Our procurement and supply chain background enables us to incorporate best practice knowledge as well as the appropriate methodology for individual implementation. If you are interested, we will be pleased to create a suitable concept for you.


Gregor von Ackeren

Managing Director, ADCONIA GmbH

Jessica Murawski

Consultant, ADCONIA GmbH