The blue rider on an elephant

The Blue Rider on an Elephant

Certainly not a normal image for a Christmas wish. We discussed the motive among ourselves for a while, in the end there were three suggestions in the shortlist. The blue rider on an elephant then made it finally, for various reasons.

Rider and elephant radiate a strong calm in this picture of a rather unknown Chinese artist. Both seem to remain, to wait. And from our point of view, this fits perfectly into the Christmas season. Don’t we all have the feeling, like every year, that time is running faster and faster and the years are getting shorter and shorter? Due to the exciting and ambitious projects we were able to work on together with our customers this year, time seems to have passed even faster. And for many of us, Christmas seems to be a kind of lifeline for a break.

The success of our projects in recent years is based on a lot of experience, goal-oriented work, application of the right methods and especially on the networking of ideas and innovations. The digitalization and automation of procurement and supply chain processes offers enormous potential for many companies. Today the tools and applications are so simple, standardized and adaptable that the implementation effort is rapidly reduced. This offers more and more companies the step towards a digitalization of their processes. Innovative is the networking of the right tools and applications. With our Digital Navigator, we have taken a giant step this year towards the optimal selection of the right digitization strategy. The blue rider is a symbol for this: how can a huge task be mastered?

Customer feedback confirms that we are on the right track. We are not the classic consultants, our „Advisory & Consulting“ approach, with a strong coaching approach strengthens our clients‘ project staff from the very first minute. A continuous knowledge transfer helps to anchor a consistent change. Our experience and focus on value, supply chain and procurement mean that we are perceived as excellent experts. „First consultant in my professional career with the combination of expertise and persuasiveness“ is just one of the quotes from our customers this year. And that makes us proud. We feel (and maybe we are) like something special in the market, like a blue rider on an elephant.

We look back on twelve eventful months and are now looking forward to a reflective time, full of Christmas magic, spent with people we love. And we are looking forward to some moments of reflection and peace, to moments of silence.

We wish you time for relaxation, reflection on the important things and many good ideas for the coming year. ADCONIA wishes you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020!

Gregor van Ackeren                                                      Oliver Kreienbrink

Tim Rohweder                                                                Rainer den Ouden