Top trending topics

Current survey Top Trending Procurement Topics

Twice a year ADCONIA asks its network and selected followers in the social media platforms about their current top topics in supply chain management and procurement.

Especially the current discussion on sustainability, ecology and CO2-footprint, which has become the focus of attention in the last few months, is the focus of this survey among all groups and becomes the topic in Supply Chain Management.

Another important topic is the implementation of automation and digitization in order to increase efficiency. This goes hand in hand with the statement of many participants that there is no need to build up further employee resources. An expression of the general uncertainty about the development of economic growth. In general, participants do not expect unchecked growth, but rather stagnation or a slight decline.

This means that the issues of securing global supply chains (also with a view to possible global crises) and transparency about the global footprint will remain in the focus and even higher on the agenda for some.

Irrespective of the challenges, the issue of transparency is always at the centre of attention. The task for the next few months is to bring existing data and information into a usable structure and to obtain missing information for the topics in a way that is appropriate to the effort involved. The current political discussion about a CO2-tax already poses the question to the procurement departments, how much CO2-consumption is currently purchased.

Collecting, structuring and processing this information will certainly become one of the important contents at all levels of supply chain management and procurement.


Oliver Kreienbrink

Managing Director, ADCONIA GmbH (Oberhausen)