How service provider control improve performance

Supplier management is indispensable in procurement and has become increasingly important in recent years in order to withstand the cost pressure and simultaneous quality demands of customers. However, service provider control, the control of service provision by internal and external service providers, is often neglected. From the assembly over logistics up to the building cleaning or externally outsourced services. A unique mixture of relevant services is possible for a company. But why are companies reluctant to touch about service control?

The hurdle to service provider management

The continuous evaluation of service providers during the provision of services is extensive. Each discipline has its own particularities and even the analysis of the currently existing SLAs is often postponed due to the complexity of day-to-day business; scarcity of resources, lack of specific knowledge about tools and processes are only a few of the possible reasons. It should be noted that the analysis of existing SLAs and the evaluation of services rendered is more complicated and more extensive and therefore more time-consuming than material suppliers.

Evaluations of service providers are not widespread today and therefore a targeted service provider control is not possible. Therefore, the procurement often has to rely on assumptions, memories and opinions, which are taken up at a later time.

Service provider control as part of ISO certification

ISO 9001 requires companies to assess and select service providers based on their capabilities. Thus, the creation of criteria for the selection, assessment and reassessment of service providers is indispensable.

The type and scope of these measures depend on various factors such as the size of the company, the complexity of the SLAs and the current organizational structure as well as existing processes in your company.

It does not have to be complicated

Added value through active supplier management and the associated service provider control is only generated if the effort is targeted and appropriate and the result supports procurement in concentrating on the „right“ suppliers and service providers. We, as ADCONIA, bring your service provider control into a new dimension, adapted to the added value for your company.