Successfully designing projects

In addition to daily work, there is always the need to optimize the processes of a department through continuous or disruptive projects. Triggers can be manifold. Requirements of interfaces, from the market or the competitive situation of the own enterprise. Along the entire value chain, customer satisfaction and costs always come first. These two goals must be optimized.

However, projects always mean an extra burden in addition to the daily work for the employees. This begins with project definition, the definition of project goals and project planning. In addition, there are the questions regarding content, new tools and methods as well as the necessity to define and communicate changes.

ADCONIA’s consultants and experts have been designing, implementing, managing and communicating projects for years, combining project management and methodological expertise. For our clients, this means: high quality and methodological competence for their projects, and all this at a speed that makes it possible to realize short-term goals and potentials.