Do you have the perspective?

Procurement departments generate value for a company by reducing and optimizing costs while ensuring an efficient supply chain. Cost management aims at the reduction of external expenses as well as the reduction of internal expenses. The range of measures is high.

From targeted cost reductions for individual product groups or the repositioning of a procurement team for special tasks to the introduction of a zero base approach. The task is always to critically question grown structures, to evaluate the added value of individual services, processes and to implement optimizations together with the team.

Expenditure reduction programs to increase revenues require close cooperation with an interdisciplinary team of the customer. Only in a cross-functional setup can success-critical framework conditions, quality, logistics and service requirements be defined. Just as the strategy for implementation which may only be determined jointly to be accepted across the board.

The focus of effort reduction is the revision and streamlining of processes and the empowerment of employees. Governance, controlling and risk management describe the scope for action.