Have you ever thought about pressing the reset button?

One of the most important tools of an IT Helpdesk is „Please shut down your computer and restart the system“. And don’t we do that if the WLAN doesn’t work anymore or if Alexa doesn’t want to switch on the lights? But do we also do this in our profession? If you have given your best every day for 2, 3 or 10 years and kept the machinery running?

At the start of a new job, everyone starts with an individually created plan to get to know the new environment, colleagues, processes and work content. Often, the self-imposed goal is to be anchored deep enough in the new position after 3 months in order to fully assess the overall situation. It is then often spoken about a 100-day program, at the end of which one should have arrived in the organization and has already implemented initial optimization approaches.

For a new position or a new job this is a standard. But only a few do this if they are caught in daily routine, with a current job. It is difficult to take a bird’s eye view for a day. But it also means that other perspectives or innovations are difficult to absorb into work and are literally blocked by day-to-day business.

But why not set your own new goals and start a 100-day program while your business is running. Structurally query the goals and requirements of your own employees and stakeholders and consciously deal with your own data. Perhaps also test a new tool for this, use a new methodology for the presentation of departmental goals or focus on innovation. And if you’re wondering what belongs in a 100-day program, just ask us.

We have developed a program for you with which you can get an overview of your new or old job in an organized and structured way, identify development fields, create a roadmap and already start implementing it.  A restart or reset in just 100 days! For a short overview we recommend our KRAFT.workshop – with Spend Cube and cost leverage in one day discover and evaluate potentials.

If you like to learn more about our 100-day program, please contact our experienced consultants & coaches at  We are at your disposal for an exchange.


Oliver Kreienbrink

Managing Director ADCONIA, GmbH

Sinja Krauskopf

Consultant, ADCONIA GmbH