The advantages of blended coaching

Blended coaching is not a trend and not only useful in a private context for dealing with personal challenges. It has already found its way into business, but partly hidden and not under this name. A short explanation what this means, the difference to traditional coaching and why we use it.

Traditional Coaching vs. Blended Coaching

Traditional coaching is characterized by a personal presence. Coach and client are in the same place and the coach can perceive and react to the client’s gestures and facial expressions. Blended coaching is the integration of online activities into a conventional coaching process. What is the advantage of continuing the process outside the live session?

Sustainable development and change are best achieved when new learned processes are integrated into everyday life. This has been proven in numerous studies on learning behavior and intervention research. On closer inspection, today’s digital media open up enormous potential for this area. And on this basis this coaching concept has its origin.

What are the advantages of online coaching?

Blended coaching changes the dynamics of the learning process. The client is automatically encouraged to deal with the upcoming tasks continuously, intensively and independently. Self-management, commitment and engagement are encouraged. Motivation is increased and the yo-yo effect, i.e. the relapse into old patterns and behavior, is significantly reduced. The sustainable coaching success increases.

The personal exchange and progress is no longer limited to the specific session, but progresses interactively and vividly between sessions. The regular dialogue helps to always keep the goal in mind in the daily context. The time- and location-independent exchange between coach and client can include questionnaires, exercises, reflective questions, but also feedback and video conferences. The customized blended coaching process thus corresponds more to the individual needs of our clients and is oriented towards the natural process of change and development in challenging business environments.