What makes e-learning special?

Advantages of e-learning in procurement and supply chain

We would like to introduce you to the advantages of the digital world. And we have put together an online training program (e-learning) for buyers and supply chain specialists. Hardly any other job description has changed so immensely in recent years as that of the buyer. The same applies to the continuously increasing demands placed on the procurement team. By participating in our „e-Learning in Procurement and Supply Chain“, they are spared the often-difficult task of creating a possible time window for participation. And avoid the time-consuming journey to the training location. Those trainings are neither time- nor location-bound and can be carried out conveniently from the office, train, airport or home office.

Scope of the program

Our program includes various modules, which are divided into individual e-courses. Each e-learning contains texts for knowledge transfer as well as exercises, videos etc.. These courses are supplemented by an online knowledge test. In addition, we offer participants online consultation hours with our experts.

By participating in the one-hour e-learning courses, we enable you to manage your time individually. Because it is easier to take an hour in between in stressful everyday working life instead of 8 hours at a time. In addition, you can directly incorporate what you have learned into your everyday working life. You will also consolidate it until you take part in the next e-learning session.

Our tailor-made e-program

Together, we determine systematic further development activities that not only significantly increase your competitiveness. But also gives the procurement or supply chain department the appropriate significance. At the same time it significantly increase the attractiveness for ‚young professionals‘ and ‚high potentials‘.

Our ADCONIA experts will be happy to create a tailor-made program for you from the individual modules. With a correspondingly broad wealth of experience at the respective hierarchical level, exact knowledge of the requirements of everyday procurement and supply chain and a high level of professionalism, our trainers conduct training measures at eye level.