Does the sales planning match the procurement planning?

In planning, the silo thinking of departments is more than clear and the need for a harmonized process is evident. The comparison between sales revenue planning and corporate planning often still takes place, but a translation and/or comparison with production, procurement or supplier planning is only carried out in exceptional cases and is based in worst case on different assumptions.  Harmonious planning can often only be found in relation to personnel and material cost budgets.

Even if there is often time coordination during the initial creation of a value chain, disruptive factors are often not optimally managed. The delay in a delivery date for a material, which results in a delay in the delivery of the end product, is usually reported too late, if at all. Effects on production and delivery planning can then generally only be corrected with difficulty.

The implementation of a uniform planning basis and identical planning premises for all aspects of supply chain planning reduces waste of resources and saves costs. Despite a supposedly increased effort in the actual planning process, this investment is worthwhile in the overall relationship.

As ADCONIA GmbH, we support you in selecting the right planning tools for your company and work with you to design a lean, harmonious and efficient planning process.