How harmonious and stable is your supply chain?

In the past, sales, planning & allocation, quality management, procurement, production, warehousing & logistics and design & product development in a company were presented as separate processes due to the functional way of thinking and the associated conflicts of objectives. To design an internal supply chain in a harmonious, stable and resilient way is a challenge, which is then further intensified by considering interfaces to customers or suppliers.

A process-oriented way of thinking and a willingness to cooperate between the individual divisions of a supply chain releases unused potential and achieves considerable competitive advantages. In addition to faster throughput times and increased product availability, the results are, of course, optimized costs, reduced inventories and an increased degree of flexibility with increased cooperation and shorter decision-making paths.

As ADCONIA, we support you in the introduction and implementation of a supply chain management approach throughout the company, the identification and implementation of process adaptations through to optimal communication and interface strategies.