Activate your POWER reserves

The challenges in purchasing can be manifold. Whether the objective is to strengthen the purchasing side of a company with a view to an uncertain economy and to secure cost positions. Or to increase the profitability of one’s own investments and use the full EBITDA potential with sustainable cost reductions. Or simply by cushioning the consequences of the shortage of skilled workers or lengthy budget discussions about investments in IT infrastructure.

In our KRAFT workshop, we will find out where your KRAFT.reserves lie in order to master these challenges. KRAFT stands for mass times acceleration or, in the purchasing context, for total expenditure and the utilisation of cost levers. We measure your current KRAFT, shed light on the KRAFT.reserves and name ways to further

With our one-day KRAFT workshop you receive a comprehensive expenditure and potential analysis. We will show you how to control cost pressure and at the same time take advantage of existing opportunities!

In a working day which is prepared in detail and systematically structured, we identify the KRAFT.reserven in your purchasing department together with you and derive the right measures for activation – quickly and purposefully!

Highly efficient Spend Analysis Tool

In advance, we normalize the spend data for the workshop day using the latest analysis technology – powered by SCALUE Spend Analytics -, prepare it into an output cube and evaluate it. Gain insight into your entire purchasing volume. Analyze your direct and indirect costs in a matter of seconds. We show you your optimization potentials and performance killers at the push of a button.

SCALUE is the GAME CHANGER in the market for Spend Analytics and Process Mining. You have never seen it like this before, guaranteed. An innovation from buyers for buyers.

Highest purchasing expertise, intelligent methodology, smart approach

Based on this, the evaluation of the previous degree of utilisation of the eight essential – also non-commercial – cost levers for your top product groups is carried out. You will receive a detailed picture of the initial situation, performance status and relevant fields of action at short notice.

Based on cross-industry purchasing expertise and benchmarks as well as internal industry and market knowledge, the potentials and optimization measures are determined and prioritized in the form of an action plan.

The combination of the right ingredients

We take a comprehensive and transformative approach based on new digital and analytical tools. The combination of technology and technical expertise enables a fast, precise and intelligent dimensioning of potentials as well as the design of concrete measures for their development.

In addition to the necessary methodical toolbox, we also have the necessary sensitivity for the possibilities of the procurement environment – and the experience from more than 200 customer projects.

Get a new perspective on your procurement and develop with us the roadmap to your best-practice purchasing as an engine for growth and cost reduction!