Performance Smart Procurement Check

Baseline situation

  • Weak position or image of the procurement department in the company
  • Poorly defined procurement strategy
  • Hardly any cross-location processes
  • Procurement reacts instead of acting proactively

Project order

  • Definition of a company-wide procurement strategy
  • Evaluation of the procurement organization
  • Development of measures to achieve a target condition
  • Support during the implementation of measures


  • Development of a company-wide procurement organization
  • Deposition of all procurement activities with documented processes
  • Development of risk management/ supplier management/ material group management/ KPI management
  • Introduction to SRM
  • Positioning of procurement in the company as a whole


Cooperation in the project

  • Joint definition of strategy and fields of action as well as target characteristics
  • Joint analysis of the current situation
  • Support in the development and implementation of measures
  • Accompaniment of employees through change management