Introduction to supplier management

  • Supplier evaluation system according to ISO DIN 9001 introduced
  • A regulated supplier qualification process is not defined
  • The results of the supplier evaluation do not lead to any measures
  • Holistic, structured supplier management
  • Management of key suppliers
  • expansion of business relations
  • Uniform methodology
  • Comprehensive, coordinated sets of criteria
  • Consistent application
  • Self-registration by suppliers with their basic data via the portal
  • Automated creation of first supplier user after release of supplier registration
  • Creation of several standard reports as information material for meetings with suppliers
  • Introduction of escalation management based on the supplier management tool

Vorgehensweise Lieferantenmanagemnt

  • Coordination of the supplier management strategy and its implementation with the cross-functional partners
  • Joint development of supplier management modules
  • Development of the requirement specification for the introduction of supplier management
  • Detailing and planning the implementation of measures
  • Coordination of interim project results in steering committees with the Executive Board