Which combination of individual measures is right for you?

As ADCONIA, we have experts to offer you a wide range of individual measures: Coaching, training, supervision and mentoring. Individually tailored to your needs, we create an appropriate concept with a combination of the appropriate methods to achieve your goals:


By coaching we mean a systematic discussion between coach and client to expand personal behavioral alternatives. The aim is to enable the client to fully achieve the desired result – within the desired timeframe – and at the desired time. Our coaches therefore do not provide direct proposals for solutions but accompany and inspire.


By training we mean the targeted professional development of people through lectures, exercises or workshops on jointly defined topics.


By supervision we mean the joint reflection of work-related problems. This offers the opportunity to analyze, rethink and restructure professional actions.


By mentoring we mean an exchange process in which a person with experience of life and the company specifically accompanies a person who is still working for the company at a young age. Our mentor makes his proven knowledge available and discusses political and tactical procedures with his protégé. Open feedback and critical discussion are essential prerequisites for successful mentoring.