Personnel Development in Procurement and Supply Chain – Your Strategic Success Factor

Hardly any other job description has changed so immensely in recent years as that of the buyer. The same applies to the continuously increasing demands placed on the procurement team. Originally interpreted as a pure ordering organ, today the buyer is a strategically acting partner of the specialist departments and participates significantly in the overall success of the company through the conception of strategic value-adding procurement strategies. Parallel to these technical and methodological requirements, the challenges of highly dynamic developments such as globalization, shortage of resources and industry 4.0 must also be mastered.

As a result, is no wonder that the demand for well-trained buyers is high and leads to fierce competition for talent. The targeted development of internal talents and the further development of current top performers are therefore the central challenges.

Together, we determine systematic further development activities that not only significantly increase your competitiveness, but also give the procurement department the appropriate significance and at the same time significantly increase the attractiveness for ‚young professionals‘ and ‚high potentials‘.

During a position analysis we systematically determine requirements, competencies, fields of action and suitable development measures in order to make your procurement team better and to develop it permanently competitive.

The implementation can take place through a broad spectrum of individual measures: Coaching, training, supervision and mentoring. Individually tailored to your needs, we create an appropriate concept with a combination of the appropriate methods to achieve your goals.

Depending on your requirements – whether as an individual coach and sparring partner for specialists and managers with many years of experience or as a trainer for seasoned procurement professionals and young professionals. With a correspondingly broad wealth of experience at the respective hierarchical level, precise knowledge of the requirements of everyday procurement and a high level of professionalism, our trainers conduct training measures at eye level. Equipped with extraordinary practical experience, a pronounced „hands-on mentality“ and a good feel for achieving good team performance, a higher degree of practical and successful knowledge and method transfer is practically impossible.