Coaching in procurement and the supply chain – Do you have a navigator in your daily business?

The strong changes in the business environment over the last decade have led to a significant change in the demands placed on further training in companies. With our coaching in the area of procurement and supply chain, we focus on tailor-made, individually adapted content that is tailored to your personal needs and takes place at the workstation, online and offline.

Individual Coaching for Procurement and Supply Chain

Individual coaching is a very effective method for knowledge transfer and operational support in new positions, management tasks or special challenges. Why? You can help to shape the content of your coaching and control it from your everyday professional life while at the same time having it reflected in a competent, practical, goal-oriented and confidential manner.

Coaching in procurement and supply chain organizations also means: You learn at a tempo adapted to your needs, to your environment and to a depth that corresponds to your level of knowledge and experience. From the implementation of your personal goals, through support in changing the company organization, to the accompaniment of selected activities in day-to-day business. Optimal learning conditions and inspiring, practical impulses are part of our concept. Let us know what you have in mind and we will develop a tailor-made coaching package that suits your personal and business goals

An example from practice

Managers are often confronted with a content-related and time-critical challenge when transferring the vision and mission of their company into a cascading target system for their department and their individual employees. Correct performance management needs to be learned. And how do you implement the requirements of your employees? This is where a practical, individual coaching by an experienced manager is the best way to achieve your goals.

Employees face the challenge of achieving their personal goals or need a mediator to resolve discrepancies in interface functions. In addition, for a successful control of different material groups (direct or indirect) different competences and methods are necessary, which were not necessarily handed over or available during the takeover. We take over this with a tailor-made coaching concept and develop target-oriented solutions for and with the employee. A sustainable knowledge transfer is our goal.