Procurement consulting

Procurement consulting, what is it?

The procurement consulting industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, as the same has happened to the role of procurement.

Over the last few years, the ordering function has been transformed into a value-added corporate unit called procurement. In addition, the area of responsibility has expanded from pure material and service purchasing to becoming a market expert for the entire supply chain. The increasing requirements for cost reduction, shortage of raw materials and sustainability according to ESG standards, these only mentioned as examples, promote this development more and more.

We as procurement consulting, which cannot be said of every procurement consulting, support our customers in creating long-term and sustainable added value for the entire organization.

What does create added value not mean?

Unfortunately, some procurement consultancies take a crowbar approach and have thus cast a bad light on procurement consultancies. We would like to dispel this prejudice….

Generating added value does not mean to put pressure on a supplier until he corrects his prices extremely downwards and thus a short-term cost advantage can be shown. The long-term reward for this price is not worth it: prices cannot be maintained, necessary modernization cannot be financed, threatened staff reductions, delivery delays, quality losses and much more. The list of possible negative effects for the supplier but also for the own organization is long.

Procurement consulting done right

Together with our customers and for our customers, we as procurement consulting want to increase the company value. The goal of all our activities is a waste-free, sustainably stable and transparent supply chain. Individually and digitally aligned – precise, lean, fast and thus future-proof.

Long-term, constant, and trusting supplier relationships, on the optimization of which the company and suppliers work together in partnership, reduce costs in the medium and long term and ensure stability in high-quality supply.

Our approach: As a rule, we start with an analysis of the initial situation. This is followed by structuring proposals for efficient value chains and organizational structures, results-oriented cost management, and the identification of feasible options for a comprehensive sustainable and digital transformation of all relevant processes.

The agreement of common goals is always at the beginning of a partnership with our customers. In this way, we can jointly increase the value contribution of procurement to the overall organization.


Sinja Krauskopf

Consultant. ADCONIA GmbH