Procurement and Supply Chain Academy – Are you ready for a learning organization?

The Procurement Academy and Supply Chain Academy, conducted by our experts, is focused, practical and relevant to the company. The further training courses take the form of training courses and workshops. The target is to implement sustainable changes and improvements in the company at short notice by enhancing significantly the efficiency in procurement and supply chain.

Procedure for a successful Procurement and Supply Chain Academy

Together with our customer, we analyze the current situation in the company and define the target through our Procurement Excellence Program:

  1. definition of the required competencies
  2. assessment of existing competences
  3. preparation of the employee development plans
  4. target agreements are drawn up, if necessary
  5. monitoring horizontal and vertical development paths

On this basis, we jointly create a training program and define the topics and contents to be trained. To do this, we use existing and proven training modules that are adapted to the local situation.

A selection of topics

Basic Trainings:

  •  Basics of Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  •  Material group management
  •  Management of interfaces

Advanced trainings:

  • Strategy Development for Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • Analysis Tools & Methodology
  • Targeted negotiations

Expert trainings:

  • Best Value Sourcing
  • Lean Supplier Management
  • Value Chain Management

We tailor the Procurement and Supply Chain Academy to your needs

The training content, the theoretical and practical knowledge is directly implemented through operational examples from the business. In a confidential setting, actual problems are discussed, and implementable solutions are developed. This enables the participants to transfer the learning content to the operational processes.

With a correspondingly broad wealth of experience at the respective hierarchical level, exact knowledge of the requirements of everyday procurement and a high level of professionalism, our trainers conduct training measures at eye level. The „trainers“ are our full-time management consultants who carry out consulting projects for our customers in their daily work. Equipped with a distinct „hands-on mentality“ and a good feeling for achieving good team performance, a higher degree of practical and successful knowledge and method transfer is practically impossible.