The Procurement Excellence Program as a solution for the shortage of specialists in Procurement & Supply Chain

An investment in employees cannot be compared to an investment in a new production line.  As we show you with our Procurement Excellence Program: Each employee has his or her individual strengths and development areas and his or her development path is rarely the same as that of one of his or her colleagues.

Very often, in employee development programs, the overall goal as well as the goals per employee, are forgotten to be defined in advance. The release of a budget and the selection of training courses do not necessarily mean the correct development-path for the required specialists. Unfortunately, some companies still have the following employee development program: Head of department hands out to the employees a training catalogue with the words „Pick something suitable!“

Our approach to the Procurement Excellence Program

With our Procurement Excellence Program, we ensure that your employees are satisfied and that the business benefits from it.

  1. First, we check the mid- and long-term targets of the company in order to identify the skills you need to achieve those successfully.
  2. The next step is to exchange ideas with the managers in order to obtain an assessment of the existing competencies.
  3. The plans for targeted employee development are then drafted.
  4. If desired these can be converted into personal target agreements.
  5. We accompany the horizontal and vertical development paths of your employees.

If required, we support you in the internal and external announcement of your employee development measures. In this way you can motivate your employees to work towards a specific goal and increase your attractiveness for potential applicants.

The Procurement Excellence Program is tailored to your needs

Our experienced consultants and coaches are happy to accompany you on your personal development path via personal coaching or our procurement academy. The Procurement Excellence Program is based on the experience of more than 200 projects and is constantly adapted to the new challenges for the supply chain and procurement. And adapted for your company once the objectives have been defined.