Implementation of eStrategy

Baseline situation

  • Introduction of various eTools in the last five years
  • Different degree of utilization with the eTools and by the national subsidiaries
  • No higher-level control is possible because the eTools are not networked

Project order

  • The use of eTools must follow an individual strategy
  • In addition to the tool, the content must be secured at an early stage
  • During the introduction, an accompanying change management must inspire and involve the employees
  • New eTools only if they are networked and offer added value


  • Analysis of eTools
  • Definition of a company-wide eStrategy
  • Controlling of measures and measurement of results



Cooperation in the project

  • Strategy workshop with the procurement management – recording the current situation Tools and their use
  • Definition of unique KPI for degree of utilization and target value
  • Workshops with international procurement managers to determine the regional requirements specification for a higher-level control tool