The Digital Value Navigator shows you the right investment for the future

For years, the pressure on all supply chain and procurement departments to automate their processes or digitize the exchange of documents has been increasing. With the Digital Value Navigator (DVN) we help you to find the right solution. There is no question that such measures and investments are strategically necessary – but at the same time they also impose costs and technical challenges.

The automation and digitization of inefficient processes does not always bring the desired added value for the organization. It is often only after the introduction that it becomes apparent whether the investment in modern technologies really pays off. With the DVN, you avoid the problem of having to refer to purchased tools as expensive, useless gadgets.

The Digital Value Navigator ensures a clear view

We are aware of how difficult it can be for procurement and supply chain departments to select valuable solutions from the wide and sophisticated range of digital tools – and last but not least from a wide variety of price models – and to determine their own development path.

With our DVN, we provide orientation in the dynamic market of software and services for the electronic procurement process. In order to avoid such unpleasant surprises for our customers, we have developed a systematic procedure for the individual determination of optimal digitization solutions. Fact-Based. Transparent.

Identifying fields of action

The following questions must be answered resiliently in order to be able to assess the actual fields of action and name adequate solution partners:

  • What is the current level of digital maturity in the Procurement- and Supply Chain – Processes?
  • Which processes are most valuable in terms of automation?
  • Which solution is suitable for which processes?
  • Does a „large“ solution make sense or is it perhaps more of a specialized tool that is implemented step by step?
  • To what extent is the forthcoming investment still economical or how can the benefits of the solutions be assessed in monetary terms?
  • Is there a comprehensive market overview of potential market partners, products and price models?

Dealing with the Digital Value Navigator

The first step is always to check the status quo, both internally and externally. With the DVN, we have developed a tool to evaluate the individual added value of process digitization for a company. Independent of solution providers, it combines the aspects of assessment, optimization approaches and necessary investment decisions. Based on our wealth of experience, the Digital Value Navigator can be used to quickly create a digitization roadmap that is individually, target-oriented and lean.