How is your division positioned in your company?

Our experts analyze your area in a structured and fast manner. The internal and external influencing factors for achieving a high value contribution are worked out and weighted. The focus is on determining realizable cost optimizations in and through your area in comparison with the overriding corporate objectives.

Business transformation is more than “just” change management. Individual functions, processes and strategies are repositioned regarding the optimal value contribution. Transformation takes place where it generates a sustainable and measurable value contribution for the company. Comprehensive, transparent and fast.

Within Business Transformation, 5-Forces are the design fields that matter in purchasing. Operational Excellence regards the organization as a trend-setting design field regarding to regulated processes and common goals. Operational Excellence is supported by structured material and supplier management, which requires transparency and strategic alignment. Within the framework of a subsequent targeted automation, activities within the procurement process that do not create added value are identified and checked for their automation possibilities. The last design field, International Organization, expands the previously regulated processes and structures internationally and develops a common system of objectives.

Comprehensive support, documentation of target processes and structures as well as operational support through coaching eliminate unnecessary stress factors, accelerate implementation and increase the motivation of the affected employees.