Process and organizational development in the value chain

In modern companies, core and support processes are no longer designed in-house. For efficient value creation, information, financial flows and production processes must be designed in a customer-oriented manner and do not stop at departmental boundaries.

In the past, procurement processes in companies were considered separately from other supply chains. Today, procurement and supply chain processes are very closely interwoven and the organizational structures that are tailored to them must be harmonized as a result. But today, this can no longer be clearly distinguished from other value-added processes. And especially a cross-departmental interface management is a great challenge for many companies.

Particularly supporting processes are dependent on generating their actual added value efficiently and effectively. This is especially, but not only, true for procurement and the supply chain. However, our experiences of projects in recent years show that upstream and downstream processes regularly also show considerable efficiency gaps. We have therefore long since transferred our process knowledge, our methodology for increasing process efficiency and our expertise in optimal organizational design to many other areas of companies and have also successfully implemented them there.

With a clear design mandate, we comprehensively analyze sales, internal services and other value-added processes in addition to the classic supply chain issues, identify weaknesses, focus on areas of action, establish change management and develop organizational structures.

Procurement and supply chain processes remain our origins, our growing experience and successes in other value-added processes show the strength of our methodology.


Oliver Kreienbrink

Managing Director, ADCONIA GmbH